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Breakdown of Sanity : December lyrics

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Breakdown of Sanity lyrics : "December"

This was my dream as long as I know you no doubts at all, these times wereoverthis is my end, this sight was like a nightmareI had the pictures in my head drawn by faith and trust, shaped by myconviction is this my blamecan it be so simpleI never realized itI see my visions melting downcan not keep it in my handsthis is like a $#&@in' dreamthe drips of my future pulling me downencircled by reality, I'm diving in my pastthis sight was a nightmarethis sight tattered my heart into ragsopen windows howling at meI see my fears become realitymy lungs are filled by pain and sorrowby tears and broken $#&@in' aimsI hope one day we will see us againsome dayis this the endand I ask myselfwould you look at mewould you remember my facejust look me in the eyes, one last timeeverthing faded to an ugly greyI never expected an end like this

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