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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Wings Of A Dream"

There's gotta be something better
There's gotta be something more
Seems like I'm holding on forever

What am I living for?
If I can't be who I wanna be
Why am I here at all?

You know I've got to follow my heart
Every time I hear it call

I'm riding on the wings of a dream
To hell with the devil
I can here the angels scream

No halfway, no there's no in between
A little faith is all you need
On the wings of dream

They say "No guts no glory"
Well, I'm gonna get my share

I knwo I'm gonna find it
Some day, somewhere
You gotta put your faith in something

You gotta believe in yourself
You know I'll never compromise
You can't live your life for somebody else

I want it so bad I can taste it
You know I'm gonna go for it all

Reach out my hand, I'm gonna take it
Yeah, I'm gonna go to the wall
You know I'm gonna take my chances

Lord, I know there's dues to pay
I'm gonna give it all it takes, babe
I'm going all the way

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