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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "We Don't Talk Anymore"

Sitting by the table, staring at the wall
and it feels like a movie, that I still can recall
oh, all those wonderful nights we had

when we were lovers
Now we're working nine to five saying hi and good bye
is this what we planned for in our young lives?

Now we've grown up and that's tearing us apart
Remember the good times we did everything by heart

Baby, we don't talk anymore
where's the road we used to walk
where are all the laughs from before?

but maybe if we open our minds tonight
we can get it back, the times we had
once upon a time

But baby we don't talk anymore

I can still hear your whispers like an echo from the past

Remember making love to you like every time was the last
oh, when a kiss lasted all night, we had passion
living under the same roof but two separate lives

though we share the same bed during TV crimes
Now it is time for us to say good bye
good luck to you honey, a new day is just outside

Why do we hurt each other with silence every night?
Where is your smile now it's gone with the wind...

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