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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Wake Up Everybody"

Brazen Abbot Lyrics
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Wake Up Everybody Lyrics

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Here she comes with a million dollar smile

With a pudel and diamonds and a husband with tie, oh
She's got it all, thigs you only see in dreams
With a body and face so beautiful

And it tells you a lie
Thiungs aren't always the way the seem

So wake up everybody, can't you see
She's from a twisted family

So, wake up everybody, can't you see
She's brought up in a tragedy, so sad

There she sits in a fancy restaurant
Just an eaten lobster paid with a golden card, oh little rich girl
Alone at home, now here smile has gone away

Now can't you see those cryin' eyes

And they tell you the truth

She looks for peace in a bottle or two

And she's the one that never talks about it

Everything is cool
And she's the girl that cries when noone sees here
Oh, poor little fool

She cries for help, alone while noone can hear it
And all she need is a helping hand and endless love
Remember, your mother said:

"There's no love, only gold"
Remember, your father said:
"Go for gold, only gold"

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