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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Twist Of Fate"

Why is it one man seems to have it all
And somebody somewhere has to take the fall
Live's in a balance, some get their turn

Some find the answers, some never learn
Natural selection, what's it all worth
Divine intervention, you're blessed or you're cursed

Oh, destiny
Am I right on time or was I born too late

Oh, I can see
The only difference is a simple twist of fate

Why is it one man seems to never lose
And somebody somewhere has to play the fool
Right time or wrong place, it's out of our hands

We're all just victims of circumstance
Spin of the wheel, a turn off the cards
Predestination, it's written in the stars

Oh, destiny
Is my life something that I can create?

Oh, I can see
It all comes down to a twist of fate

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