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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "The Shadows"

Music and Lyrics: Kotzev
Vocals: Erik Martensson

The sun is don.
The Ocean's flirting with the dark
An empty town,

Just shadows walking in the park

A bussy train in the far

Panting on it's way
Just reminding me,
That I can't stay

Sing "So long"
I'm leaving tomorrow

Say "so long" to yesterday
Play me a song
And I think I'll follow

Even, though I know life ain't no game

So, was it wise

trying not to live in stain?
I've thrown the dice
have I spilled my life in vain?

I need a friendly soul
To take away the wrath

And maybe show me how
To find my path

I will leave, I will go tomorrow
But I know, the Shadows follow me
Time and time and time again

The Shadows follow me


Just the Shadows and I..

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