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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Shadows Of The Moon"

The morning found me crying
It slowly filled the room
It gently hid the shadows

And faced out the moon
A moment ago I reached and found you by my side
But now you vanished, your shadow's also gone

I still can sense you breathing
Your shape is still on the bed

Your smell is still around me
Your pillow is my best friend
I wonder if I can heal from longing after you

I'm hurt and wounded, so how will I go on...

I'll let you go, I'll pick up the pieces

Of our broken love and all the fun we had
But there is something you can't take along with you
You can't take away my love for you

The first night without you
Just my shadow and the moon

And nothing is the same anymore
Without you in the room
I'm trying to build up the pieces

hope you'll hear me cry
Do you remember the times we left behind

Hear me, I need you here with me
And I'm tryin', to make it up to you
Yes, I wanna hold you again and look in your eyes

And tell you how much I regret being such a fool
And let you leave me alone

I've lost the counts of sunsets
And many brake of dawn
I'm still the same I miss you

It's hard to carry on
The life seems to pass me like a film
in black & white

Please forgive me, can't you hear me cry...

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