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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Russian Roulette"

Feeling hot tonight, it's danger in this game
Full of nasty thoughts of you
Looking for love and fantasies are wild

In these neon lights around

Looking out, you take another drink

I'm just shaping up for you
Go down the stairs and leave your thoughts behind
In your dirty shameless mind

In your shameless mind

Come inside, aim and fire

You'll loose your head in this Russian roulette
Come inside, devils fire
You go to far in this Russian roulette

You gotta stop to act this way
Just one more time tonight

You don't know, she's the only one, who knows
she's the queen of spades and hearts

Darling I'm home, have you missed me?
You're the lady in my life
Our children are sleeping

With an innocence so pure
It doesn't matter true or false
Goodbye to life and family

You just gotta pay the price
It was an expensive slice of pie

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