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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Rage Of Angels"

Music: Kotzev
Lyrics: Turner, Robert Held
Vocal: Joe Lynn Turner, Erik Martensson

Rage of angels in the sky tonight
They all wonder will we give up the fight

Cries of despair and nobody hears
Been too long coming, it's been too many tears

World is turning
We're heading for an overload
Fires burning out of control

We're getting ready to explode

Time bombs - (ticking everywhere)

Everywhere ? (running out of time Running)
Out of time, Countdown (better you beware)
You beware!

(Rage of angels yeah...)
Rage of angels' blind

Time Bomb

Angry voices screaming in the street

People dying, living in defeat

Cry for justice as we fall apart

There's no mercy in a world without a heart

Are we crazy, is everything in vain?

Don't say maybe, the truth is plain
Have we finally gone insane?



Where are we now you know it's hard to believe
Hang your head down and fall to your knees

Look at us now, we got nowhere to turn
We run out of time, 'cause we never learn
Blood for colours, a false sense of pride

Brother to brother as the nations collide
Kingdoms are falling as they pass the blame
And tears that we cry become heavens rain

Holding on together, we're gonna lose it all

Running out of time, no...

Holding on forever, heaven's gonna fall

Are we crazy?

Have we gone insane?


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