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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "My Resurrection"

Music: Kotzev
Lyrics: Turner
Vocal: Joe Lynn Turner

Burned by the fire, baptized by the flames
I'm caught in the devil´s game

Healed by the, drowned in the flood
I'm only made of flesh and blood

Out of the ashes, a hidden mystery
A revelation for you all to see
Come with me...

Glad you could make it
The party's just begun

Welcome to my resurrection
I always told you, this day would come
Welcome to my resurrection

Slave to temptation, buried alive
Left on my own to survive

Seeking salvation, forgotten dreams
My soul is lost in the machine

I will rise, a man of destiny
On wings of angels I will fly and be
Be set free...


Oh, sad reflection, looks just like me
A shadow of who I can be
My transformation, It's all so strange

My spirit cries out for a change

Out of the ashes, a man of destiny

A revelation for you all to see
Come with me..

The rock of ages rolling stone
Revealing secrets that had to be known
The won't be calling on judgment day

From hell or heaven I'll be on my way
A breath of life into my frozen soul
Back from the dead I live again, I live again....


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