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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Love Is On Our Side"

Here I am, with my heart in my hands
I'm reaching out for you
Don't turn away, is there something I can say

God knows there's nothing I won't do
Don't ask why, too many reasons to try
Just let your heart lead the way

Oh, I've come to take you home
So you won't ever feel, You won't ever feel alone

Take a little from me
Take a little from you
Baby, sometimes that's all we can do

Don't be afraid, thre's no reason to hide
Love is on our side tonight

You've been hurt before, just can take anymore
I guess some wounds never heal
But it's different this time

I am yours and you are mine
I swear forever is the way I feel
So lost in the arms of the night

Seeing my soul in your eyes
Oh, you've come to take me home
So I will never be, I will never be alone

Give a little from me
Give a little from you

I know we've got nothing more to lose
Let's put away the past
And we'll put away our pride

Love is on our side

Just take my hand, it will all work out right

We'll dream one more dream
Then we'll turn out the light tonight

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