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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "I'll Be There For You"

Waiting for the mail man every morning
I can hear his footsteps across the attic
Maybe this time there's a message from you

As the leafs are falling
I'm counting every day
You seem like a million miles away

Sherry red lips whisperin' in the bower
Promises of love and faithfulness

Seduced by the perfume that she wear
Dancing like a fairy queen
A creature ofthe night

Fragile like morning dew
In a beam of light
A scent of eden in the air

Dancing for the moon
With silver in your hair

Walking on thin air
Heaven in my eyes
Under golden skies

Reflections of you

The hills of Vedeno watching over you

I hope they give you shelter day and night
Your sacrifice is not in vein
Somewhere there's a brightning

Thereas an endless chain
Uniting our destiny to one
I'll always be there for you

Just like the tide is rising
And the rivers flow

As the winds are blowing
I'll be there for you

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