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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "I Will Rise Again"

You knocked me down maybe I had it coming
But you've gone to far, and it's the very last time
How can I hold you baby you keep on running

You're throwing away something so hard to find
There was a time I held the world in my hands
Now you're gone and all that's left is a broken man

I can't understand

I may be down, but I'm not over

With every breath I'm fighting to win
Better look around over your shoulder
I'm coming back, I will rise again

You pushed me around, baby I let you do it
It's not so hard when you hold love like a gun

I still believe all the time you knew it
Some day you'll see that I was the one
Letting go I'm on my own once again

Now there's no way I can pretend
This is the end

There's some things that are just meant to be
If you only believe
There's someone out there waiting for me

If I set my heart free

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