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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Highway Cindy"

I'll get away now from the city
Just left a hard night's work behind
With the sun in my eyes, drank tequila sunrise

Hoping secret fantasies would come true
I was feeling kind of tired
But something woke me up

Well, I grabbed the wheel, was it for real?
So I hit the brakes and there it was

Was it a monster? No, it couldn't be
She said: My name is Cindy, I'm in a wrestling team

And it was highway Cindy, highway girl
And I was about to explode
Highway Cindy, highway girl

I wonder if my car can take that power load
And it was highway Cindy, highway girl
And I felt a burning heat

Highway Cindy, highway girl
I'm a lucky guy, babe I get a whole lot of meat

She was sitting right beside me
And right away she broke my passenger seat
She said: Pull over here, there's nothing to fear

Little Cindy wants something to eat
THhe gal had eleven snacks and then began to flirt
She said: Hey Mr. Driver, how about some desert?

Lucky me, who got for free a package of meat, yeah

She said: Don't be shy boy
There's no time to waste
She told me big is beatiful, while she sat on my face

Kick me down, eat me up, drink me dry, love me

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