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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Guilty As Sin"

I got trouble, I got pain
A world of worry in a woman's name
Feel so helpless, nothing I can do

Cause I stand accused of loving you

I don't wanna live this way

I never know just who you are no, no
I'm a fool in a passion paly oh, girl
All I gotta do is play my part

Love is gonna take me down
Tear me up and turn me round

Lord only knows I just can't win
Of loving you is such a crime
Lock me up, I'll do my time

Cause I'm guilty, guilty as sin

I've been trying, but it's all in vain

I'm a drowning man in the pouring rain
You got a hold on me like no one should
How can feeling this bad ever feel so good?

Are you gonna set me free
I'm a prisoner of my heart

Turn me loose and let me be, oh girl
Cause living without you is gonna be so hard

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