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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Flyin' Blind"

Music: Kotzev
Lyrics: Edman
Vocal: Göran Edman

Autumn in the garden
And I'm looking at the sky

Talking to the fading light of the day
I've liost the track of time and space
After all these years that passed me by

I lived no lie
In the fast lane, trying to survive
I'm a Sunday driver doing 105

Take a ride in my troubled mind
And roll away the stone
Help me out cause I'm flying blind

Trying to survive
better off on my own

There's no better therapy
The cure for my anxiety
Is the opera fire's crackling heart

No staring deep into the bottle
No more sad, pitiful struggle
Keeping me awake all through the night

I've been hanging out on the quiet side
I'm coming along for the fieldtrip

Just for the ride


On the quiet side
Better off on my own

On the seventh day a blackbird woke me up
Face to face with the peace

Of an endless empty space
I've been hangin' on the ringside
Is that wrong?

I've been waitin' for the punch line
Way too long.....


better off on my own, oh yeah

Better off on my own..

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