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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Everything's Gonna Be Alright"

Listen to the old man's tale
Speaking words of wisdom
If you take a good advice

Look into his eyes

Oh, tell me what you seek within the shadows

There's a room that has been prepeared for you

Nothing's growin' in my heart

Nothing comes alive
Keep looking back into the past
Lord, I don't know why

Maybe just a passing cloud
In the sky

Oh, can I really love somebody else
Can this seed become a tree
Where birds can flee

Everything's gonna be allright
Come on now, you better hold on tight

To what you got
Let me guide you back to life
Open your eyes

I can take you through
The barriers of pain

Listen to the old man's voice
Whisper in your ear
He will help you make your choice

It takes away your fear
Let him bring you back thorugh time
With an open mind

Oh, tell me what you see within the shadows
Open up forgotten doors
And let me in

Oh, life is what you make it
Going orund in circles is not the way around

Easy come and easy go
Just a simple rule
You've been digging a hole on this spot too long

Something must be wrong

Listen to the old man's tale

Speaking words of wisdom

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