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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Eve"

With tired eyes I greet the morning
The same old thought my mind is burning
How am I gonna live when Eve is gone

I listen to the empty garden
There are no birds to sing her stardom
The sun will never shine, what have I done?

The sun won't shine
When Eve is gone

The seven seas I'd sail blindfolded
A mountain high I'd climb one-handed

The darkest skies I'd fly if it'd change her mind
But even if we're strong and wise
We never come to realize

Our best means often nothing to the blind

Why does it hurt so

When someone leaves?
What makes a man cry like a child
Down on his knees?

Why can't some people understand
And feel the love in our hearts
Why don't I want to carry on

When Eve is gone

Life can be so cruel I know

Turn your head along the flow
And three years of your life have passed you by
Funny when you love the other

You can get so blind, I gather
Nothing is forever love can die...

Of broken heart my tears will die
I'll never smile or laugh or cry
The stars I sent won't whisper, asking you why?

But still in love I send this song
I hope it finds you safe and strong
At last I found the strength to say goodbye...

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