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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Dreams"

Music: Kotzev
Lyrics: Turner
Vocal: Joe Lynn Turner

You say yes, you say no
You leave me no other way to go

And so deep in my sleep
I now see the secrets that you kepp

You're lost inside a mystery
Where I always find my fantasy

I can never hold you
Only see you in my mind
I can never feel you

In another space and time
I can never show you
Just how much you really mean

I can never know you
Cause you're only in my dreams

I can't stop thinking of you
I'm hopelessly looking for a clue
So won't you step into the light?

And somehow I will steal you from the night

I'll be there waiting for you

Cause some day my dreams will com true...


And wherever you are
You'll have my heart

Forever my star in the dark...

I close my eyes from the day

And I let the world slip away


My dreams...
Only my dreams...

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