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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Big Time Blues"

Here I go again, hangin' on the crossroads
Just a pair of empty hands,
and a full house in my mind

I've been with this before, got nowhere to go form here
Won't some one tip me off, I'm tired of hide & seek

My tank is dry no way I'll beat the deadline
"Well I'm sorry sir,
but that's the way we do things around here"

You made me lose, I can't help the feeling
"Well you can shove it up", that's all what I'll say

Help me, take me to the big time
Help me, bring me to the light
Tell me, am I on the fine line

Push me, that's all what I like

Got a whole lot of hope and stories

"Don't call us mister big time, we'll call you"
And certainly the time and the place is right for others
Just another sad song, there's nothing else I can do

Keep your calls on hold for a minute
I'm tryin' day and night, but I'm never through

You'll hang me by the balls if I try with others
And what's the point of tryin' I don't know

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