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BRAZEN ABBOT lyrics : "Beggar's Lane"

Music: Kotzev
Lyrics: Edman
Vocal: Göran Edrnan

Erik Martensson

Sitting in the green room waiting to reclaim

Two minutes share of fame,
Gotta shut down my brain
Running on dead end street

There's nowhere to turn and so,
My life is going down the drain, it's the old refrain
Nobody's easy fool, no same mistake again...

Oh, no, no, no
Cause my mind's on fire, going crazy day by day

My mind's on fire, it's a game that I can play
Cause my mind's on fire, and I date to look away
My mind's on fire, and I know I'm here to stay

Footloose, and fancy-free
Take gilt off the ginger bread

The Wolf is always at my door
My accountant sleeps in my bed

From a distant thunder
You can tell a storm on it's way
Come on, cheer for the Green, enjoy the game

It's your red-letter day
One man's loss, is another, man's gain
So, let it rain...


Here comes the flood
It's raining cats and dogs
I better bring in my shoes

Now I hear someone knocking
Nails on my coffin
Guess it's time to pay my dues

Friendship forgotten, my heart on the loose
I'm kinda tired playin' my part

The room smells rotten, my head blew a fuse
Money ain't got 'em, but I got a good excuse
Endless struggle, just tryin' to make the news...

Out for mercy, down Beggars' Lane
Looking for a friendly soul

Searching shelter for my troubled mind
A place so hard to find

Beggar's Lane...

But in the green room tomorrow night

They'll call my name again
Then pull the Curtain and I'll be there
To claim my share of fame

Claim my share of fame
I'll be there again


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