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BRASCO : Hard For The Money lyrics

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BRASCO lyrics : "Hard For The Money"

She works hard for the money
so hard for it honey
she works hard for the money

so you better treat her right

Red bottom (*##$ money money

Louis .. on ym start (*##$ money money
I mean my baby work her ...#[email protected] ..
Six inch new %#@! double cease that new %#@!

Get it how she live if she still get that new %#@!
Far .. far star chick you nee her in that five star %#@!
Shout up tp that bad (*##$ i just wanna meet he too

Driving that new .. and her friends ...indepepndent that .. model
.. fly up tomorrow .. arogant is she need it she is gonna ge tit
N worry aboutt hat money

Put a ring on it put a ring on it
I put my thing ion it i let her swing it
Where she at

Where she at
I mean my baby work her .. 6 inch new %#@!
Double that new %#@! .. they say the life is a (*##$

So i took her shoipping i got red .. close the ebt
That is a great choice .. i have been on that ..
$#&@ it yo all you ladies do is .. i am a wild .. you can go next ..

Ayou see i do what i do .. more
Where she at
Where she at

Money money money
where she at

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