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Brantley Gilbert : Fall Into Me lyrics

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Brantley Gilbert lyrics : "Fall Into Me"

A whisper away from changin' everything
But is it safe to say
Such dangerous things

When your hands are tremblin'

Girl I'm weak in the knees

It's times like these when silence means everything
More than anything
So fall when you're ready baby

Let our kiss count the moments and hearts set the pace
I'll be your love song and I'll love you right off your feet

Until you fall into me
Love ain't a race
There's no finish line

And I love a chase

But don't leave me behind

'Cause girl we're both gamblin'
But I'm playin' for keeps
It's time like these

When patience means everything
More than anything

And I'll fall for you every day
I'll cherish the moments that time can't erase
We'll be the love song

I promise you we're gonna sing

Girl when you fall into me

Girl when you fall into me

C'mon baby fall into me

I'm waiting
Fall into me
Fall into me

Fall into me
A whisper away from changing everything

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