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BRANDY lyrics : "Tomorrow"

If you would only treat me right
I'd stay here by your side
But I am down to my last cry

So I'm leaving you goodbye
You turned away from opportunities
To sit and talk things through

But now when I say I'm leaving you
You have so much to prove

So long to all my pain
Good night to my heartache
Goodbye sorrow

I won't cry no more
I'm leaving tomorrow

Stop writing me sweet letters and
Calling me on the phone
We argued constantely when I saw you

Always left me in the cold
I made the choice to finally go
Cause I can't stand this pain

It's time for my last tear to fall
And me to smile again

Sorrows and heartache goodbye
I'm leaving you
Don't wanna meet again

Has got to be the end
The end

The sun will finally shine on me
And clouds will drift away
There's something that's in store in me

That's my brighter day

Now I just can't wait

Tomorrow's too late
I'm leaving you today

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