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BRANDY lyrics : "Put That On Everything"

If you're looking to find
A love that will stand till the end of time
Baby relax your mind my love is here

I'll do anything I swear
I'd take the pain and the hurt
You won't know it's there

Your wants would be nothing
I put that on everything

I will pull a star out of the sky for you
Yes I would
To the edge of the earth

I'll go to see you
Yes it's true
If you go anywhere

And I'm not there
Just think on thoughts of love
And I'll appear

Before I dream
I lay and think of you every night

Honest to god
I'm telling you the truth
I wish you could see

How much your presence means to me
You would love me so much
More each day

I'll walk for you
Through the desert heat

I'll climb the mountains highest peak
I'll swim forever in the deepest sea
Just for you this song I sing

For all the love and joy you bring
For you I'll try
To do the impossible things

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