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BRANDY lyrics : "Open"

[Verse 1:]
As long as I have known u I never thought of us as more than friends.
You came with your advances, but I resisted every one them.

Cuz u was such a playa and I didn't think that u would ever change.
And now a few years later lovin u it's so hard 2 explain, how we got 2 where are...

How u do that?
How did u get me so open

Lately u been
Got me fiendiin got me choosin
Over kisses, there so rich and chocolate coated melt like reese's,

Close to heaven as I'm gone get

[Verse 2:]

Every time the phone rings
I rush to answer hoping that it's u
And every time I hear a car pull up I want it to be u

I don't know what's better, kissin u or simply holdin hands.
The fact that we're together is not by chance or any circumstance...



Never have I ever felt this way about any one, oohhh
I can't imagine somethin would happen to you, you said you'd be apart of me, yeah yea yea yeah

[Chorus x2]

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