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BRANDY : Nothing lyrics

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BRANDY lyrics : "Nothing"

Nobody knows the pain I feel
Nobody knows but it's for real

I can feel it, I do
Nobody knows that I miss you
Nobody knows but it's the truth

I can feel it, I do
You cannot pretend that I don't even matter

You and I know better
You've been away from me for too long
It's time for you to come on home

No one can say what is right for me
They don't have to live my life
I need for you to come on over

I'll be waiting
[CHORUS (two times)]
I am nothing without you baby

Nothing it's driving me crazy
Nothing, no one, I'm so alone
Nothing without you baby

No one can see inside of me
No one can see how much I care

I need you, I do
Nobody sees the tears I cry
No one is there to dry my eyes

I need you, I do

I don't care what they say about you
They don't know how I feel for you

I don't care what they say about me
They don't know and they can't see
[CHORUS out]

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