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BRANDY lyrics : "Lyghters"

I want a grateful world
Spock one ..
But is only way ?

The eye can't hide lyghter

Keep of thing

Cause always enjoyng lyghters
But is only yours
The eye can hide lyghter

Imma reachin for your skin so let my hands
Was patience ..

I will own this place intro ..
As only one I can keep
Party everytime shines

I was trapped in babe when you are
Are ready for take off

Spock one I wait you
Oh baby fly
That I can't hide

I can't hide oh
Keep your fingers move
Enjoy me just to

Is a bird that can fly if i want to give his
..i want flow higher

With you

That's the lyghters
Ignore the fire
So take me higher

oh you can take me higher

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