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BRANDY lyrics : "Love Is On My Side"

Whoa, whoa...
Love, love, love, love...
Love, yeah, yeah, yeah...

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...
Hmmm, oh, hmmm...


Memories of yesterday
Lonliness my way to say
I needed you and all you do

To come and rescue me

The day I saw your face

Everything fell into place
The melody of you and me
The love song that we share

[1] - And they say...
Love isn't love

Until you got someone to share it with
And I got you
And it has made me realize

That love, oh love
Love is something that we take advantage of
Through you I've learned that love is on my side

I try
But the feeling still flows deep inside

It takes my breath away
When it trys to stay
I only love you more

Oh don't try to tell me I'm a fool
I know this is something new

Just let me through
I here to do whatever you want me to

[Repeat 1]

On my side, on my side

Love is on my side

I sit here and wonder why

I can't get you off my mind
A special scent
And all you mean to me

Whoa, it's the love that just won't go away
I hear it in the things you say
I can't ignore (I can't ignore)

I want you more (I want you more)
And more and more and more and more

[Repeat 1 till end]

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