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BRANDY lyrics : "Like It Was Yesterday"

We Were Once Closer Than Close No One Could Tell Who Loved Eachother The Most It Was A Beautiful Thing And Everything Around Us Started To Change As Did We Who's To Blame


I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday It's A Continuous Play In My Mind, In My Mind All Of The Good Times We Had Suddently Turned Bad So Bad

How Did We Go From Being In Love To Barely Speaking Whats Became Of Us How Did We Lose Our Way We Should'nt Of Let Our So Called Friends Get In Our Ear And Cloud Up Our Minds We Could'nt Think Clear I Remember It Like It Was


If Only I Could Go Back And Right All The Wrongs Then I Would But It Would'nt Help That If We Both Moved On And On And On I Remeber It Yeah, Yeah

[Chorus Out]

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