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BRANDY lyrics : "In The Car Interlude"

[Keys dangling]
[Alarm (boink boink!)]
[Car start up]

[Music playing in the background (That's Why I Lie by Ray J.) "Ray J., Ray J. all day"]

[Dial tone]

[Phone dialing]
[Phone ringing]

[Brandy:] come on, pick up
[Fred:] hello?
[Brandy:] Rodney?!

[Fred:] hunh? This Fred
[Brandy:] Oh I'm sorry hi Freddy!
[Fred:] What the deal B-Rocker?

[Brandy:] Nuttin' I miss you man
[Fred:] yeah
[Brandy:] I ain't seen you in a while what's goin' on?

[Fred:] I hear you throwin' that Ray J. [joint in the background]
[Brandy:] Yeah me and Joi about to go meet him up at the Beverly Center
[Fred:] right

[Brandy:] Oh yeah where Rodney at?
[Fred:] right here. Hold on for a second

[Background: Ray J. music continues, you can hear Fred calling Rodney]

[Rodney:] Hello?

[Brandy:] Rodney eee eee (laughs)
[Rodney:] Brandaaaay yeah
[Brandy:] What are you doing?

[Rodney:] Workin' on another joint
[Brandy:] Really? For who?
[Rodney:] You

[Brandy:] See I'm about to start beefing with you
[Rodney:] Brandy, another hot joint
[Brandy:] For real?

[Rodney:] Wanna hear it?
[Brandy:] yea

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