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BRANDY : I'm Yours lyrics

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BRANDY lyrics : "I'm Yours"

How can I let you know
How much you mean to me
I know sometimes you wonder why

Are you the one that I need
As sure as I breathe
You are the one for me

And I want you to know


You fill my heart with love
My tears with joy
And now and forever

I'm yours
With everything you do
Makes my dreams come true

With all of my heart
I'm yours

I think about you all the time
You're always on my mind
The thought of you brings happiness

Inside I know that I am yours
But there's so much more to say
There's something that I got to tell you

So you know that I care, baby


When I think about you, baby
Joy comes over me

And when I close my eyes boy
Your face is all I see
Your eyes tell me that I'm yours

And there's something that I got to tell you
So you know that I care


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