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BRANDY lyrics : "Doesn't Really Matter"

Love don't really matter
No more

That's the way it seems
It just
Doesn't matter no more

Living in my dreams
Memories of all
The hard times

Crusifies my mind
All the pain
I feel deep inside

Tried to take my life

All loss of your love

Surpresses me
Pain and suffering
Has made me bleed

Someone rescure me
In the time of me
Feelings of our love

Is hard


Tears that I cry
Never had a meaning

Cold hearted ways
I still do constantly
Let your selfish pride

Get the best of me
I never could prevent
Such a tragedy

I guess I was blind
By the things I treasured
Never thought that the love

I gave would be measured
I was fooled by your eyes
The windows into your soul

It confirms this end
And now


Love, love, never [x8]


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