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BRANDY : Beautiful lyrics

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BRANDY lyrics : "Beautiful"

This is how the story goes
I was only 4 years old...
Was riding by my love on my rocket ship

Laughin and a singin hopein never to quit
But u just kept lookin at me and u said...

Your my baby girl u no how much I no love u
And you got ur mommas eyessss
That's y... ur so...


A few years past and I got old

Have to start school in the fall
I didn't wanna leave just stay with u
Playin all day trips to the zoo

But u just kept lookin at me
And u said

Your my baby girl
U no how much I love u
And u... got ur mommas eyes

That's why u r so...

Now the bu is round the corner...
It's almost time to say goodbye
So we waved and sadi see yeah later

But u stoped me looked into my eyes and said,

Your my baby girl

U no how much I love u,
And u...
Got ur mommas eyes

That's y u r so...


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