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BRANDY lyrics : "After That"

My love for you was ..singing
I can only deliver it clear it or silly like we deal
I wanna give it to you like a stripper give it to you

And blame and mister wont' forget em
I wanna pay more attention to you how much i owe you
I die for you and show you

I wanna get to know you ..so you can go in
My house around on a cloud

I've been taking .. Be a test
Be a .. Purple blood
Definitely different .. Is a mess

I've been talking and after that .. You got me jumping .. Fly guy ..trippin
Sometimes .. But you've been hangin with me
I've been .. Come and smile ..

If you ask me to marry i'll say yes
I've been talking
And after that

She's a keep that use
She keep it going rom pom rom pom pom
Keeping my .. Kingdom like i .. Christina

? A test ..request ..blunt
..from all the rest .. No one less

Let me talking love and after that wanna .. After that

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