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Boom, clap! [6x] Clap!


I´m feeling such a vacancy, I
don´t feel whole (oh oh)
Wish I could put my finger

on it but I don´t know
what it is
I looked in every place I could seek

Tried to find the missing part of me
I can´t explain this feeling (feeling)

Feels like I´m on the wrong
journey going in circles

And I ain´t even going nowhere
I´m lost in the middle of nowhere
Something is missing

can´t somebody help me?
Something is missing
I´m missing a part of me

Something is missing
Show me what it is
Show me what´s missing Missing

Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Boom, clap! [4x] Clap!

I´m in the dark room in a bad position

I´m looking for the light to
restore my vision (vision)
'Cause I´m walking down

looking for a door, I can´t
find my way
I can´t explain this feeling


Feels like I´m leaving something behind
can´t think straight,

something's on my mind
can´t pretend to 'cause I´m all so broke
can´t find the words 'cause

they've all been spoke
The answer's gonna be right
in my face, oh oh

What I´m gonna do to fill this
empty space, oh oh oh

[Chorus (2x)]

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