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BOWLING FOR SOUP lyrics : "Scope"

I don't know
when it all began to simmer down. Suddenly I don't

want you around
And I'm sitting here
I'm drowning in the worries and the fear

And now I wish it wasn't quite as clear.

Cause I am starting to forget now

It disappears so fast
I am waiting for ?the Question? to be asked.
And if you saw me now

you'd not be disappointed
somehow I've gotten to a point
and I'm not ever coming back

my minds made up I'm staying for as long as it has taken

(to get)

Close to you, I wanna get, Close to you and
I need more time, (I wanna get)
Close to you, I just want, Close to you and

I'm not sure why!

Sometimes I

I get up in the morning so surprised.
It takes me some time to realize
Lately I,

Have really wished that you were still around.
Here to pick me up off of the ground.

[Thanks to [email protected] for these lyrics]

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