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BOWLING FOR SOUP lyrics : "99 Biker Friends"

Such a big man, such a little chick.
I think it all goes back to your tiny
Pick-up truck in the driveway,

With a sticker on the window
"Rest in Peace Number 3".
Tell all your friends

How you put her in her place.
7 pounds of makeup
Just to hide her beat up face.

Such a pretty face.


It takes a tough man to slap her around.
Such a bad guy to keep such a good girl down.
She's wearing shades but we all see

Behind the tinted glass.
And I've got 99 biker friends
That wanna kick your $$#.

Tell her that you're sorry.
Blame it on the beer.

Your dad was mean to you.
Your friends think you're an $$#hole
And I do too.

Over compensatin' for your small shoes.
Taking her away, but you won't say when.
Hold her in your arms,

Tell her this won't happen again.
When will this end? Well


I wish Bruce Lee was here right now

With his trusty nun-chucks
Chuck Norris is still alive,
So let's call up Walker, Texas Ranger,

All the dudes from "Danger, Danger".
Let's get the A-Team,
50 Cent with his bling-bling,

And a couple of prison guards.


(99 biker friends)
I hope that you can run fast

(just wanna mention this)
Start runnin' now
(99 biker friends)

just wanna mention this
(just wanna mention this)
We gonna kick your $$#.

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