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BOWLING FOR SOUP lyrics : "I Can't Stand L.A."

Well I love New York like everyone
And I go to Las Vegas to Chill
I like Denver Colorado cause it's so laid back

And Chicago keeps it real
I only leave Dallas when I have to, but
When I do I like Tulsa, OK

And I ain't got nothing against California
But I can't stand LA

Well Orlando Florida is humid but it's swell
Austin and Nashville both freakin' rock (yes they do! )
And New Orleans is evil but it's part of the appeal

You can gamble drink and swear until you drop
The state of Ohio's been great to our band
Along with Phili and Green Bay

I got nothing but love for Hollywood
But I can't stand LA

I like Salt Lake City, Portland, Frisco, Santa Fe
Indianappolis and Hartford, too
Boise, Memphis, Souix Falls, and of course KC

Along with Pittsburg and Kalamazoo
Atlanta is our home away from home and here's a shout out to Sauget
And I wish my friends would leave that place

'Cause I can't stand LA

Traffic Sucks

No protected lefts
Snooty $#[email protected]
Pollution fills the air

Gang Fights
$7 beers
And the threat of breaking off into the sea

(And now to give LA the benefit of the doubt)
Jimmy Kimmel In and Out and great sushi

And diversity everywhere
Really hot chicks wearing next to nothing
And the Santa Monica Pier

Thank you for hair metal and the 84 olympics and for the BFS radio play
But please don't take this personally
No I'm happy to visit, but I'm happier to leave

And I guess what it is I'm trying to say is
I can't stand LA!

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa