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BOW WOW lyrics : "Nightmares Of The Bottom (Freestyle)"

Mind On My Money ^!$$%s Still Hating Smoke Alot Of Weed Cause I Have Lil Patience
My Girl Still Trippin Wut Girl Don't (*##$ Turn The Volume Up On The Tv So I Don't

Hear %#@! Wizzile Keep It Player Ballin Like A Laker They Say The Game Is Rough Well
I'm Gonna Give That (*##$ A Shape Up Ohio Is The State Columbis Is The City I Know Your
Ass Is Real But How Much U Pay 4 Them [email protected]^% Cash Money Gang U Know Wut I'm Reppin

My Homie Doing Nine He Just Got Caught Up With A Weapon My Lil Girl Getting Bigger
She Crawling Tryin Talk %#@! I'm Trying 2 Do Whatever Just 2 Stay Off Child Support
And If Your Album Don't Sell Bow What You Gone Do Probably Keep Making 8 Mil A Movie

I'll Be Cool Cause I Ain't Trippin Bout These Critics Or These Non Believers And To Keep
The Love Close I Rock My Jesus Pieces Turning 25 Soon That's 5 Years From 30 I'm Feelin 40
Now I Lived My Life 2 Early I'm In My Own World Playing By My Own Rules They Say Life Is

About Choices So Becarful What You Choose And I'm Riding With My Homies State Got Love
4 Me But I Keep My Eyes Open Cause ^!$$%s Can Be Phoney So I Stay Up On Lonley Short But Gotta
Alot Of Heart Boi I Love My Women Red Bone White Or Dark Say You Rollin On That Good %#@!

I Can't Tell Cause The %#@! I'm Smoking Got Me Moving Slower Then A Snail And Why You
Squares Hate We Keep Getting Richer Laughing Back At Ya'll While We $#[email protected] All Ya'll (*##$es
Playing John Madden I'm Running With The Eagles ^!$$%s Online Talking %#@! Until I Beat You

Real %#@! I've Been Up For Two Days Stratagizing On Ways To Get Payed
Yea Yea Yea Yea
Yea Yea Yea Yea Yea Yea

Yea Yea Yea Yea Yea Yea

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