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BOW WOW lyrics : "Like You"

(feat. Ciara)


I ain't ever had nobody show me all the things
That you done showed me
In a special way I feel when you hold me

We gon' always be together baby
That is what you told and
I believe it cause I ain't never had

Nobody do me like you

[Bow Wow]

Now I done been with different kind of girls
So like I done seen them all
But ain't none of them at all (like you)

And I done seen the best of the best
Baby, still I ain't impressed cause
Ain't none of them at all (like you)

If you know how I feel when I chill
Look, if I'm seen with a girl
Then she gotta be just (like you)

And baby thats the way I feel
And I ain't got no choice
But for me to keep it real

Cause when we first got together
Starting hanging out you was skeptical at first
Had to figure out if

I was the kind of guy that
Would try to dog you out but
I ain't that kind of guy you try to make me out

You found out when you turned to my baby
I showed them other brothers
How to treat a lady

I let you drive when I ride that Mercedes
And I ain't trippin' or actin' shady
Cause baby you know


And everytime I think about you I smile
When you ride, when you call, when you come around

Your love is amazing to me
I can't wait till I see you (I wanna be with you again)
And everytime your out on the road (I'll make a trip)

And whenever I'm doing a show (Don't you forget)
That I'm your main chick
Who got that game chick

One in the same chick
The one you can hang with


[Bow Wow]

Ok we hit the mall, pop tags
Spend a few G's (Cheesin')
Hit the runway to a new season

It ain't nothing
Spoil the one I care for
Feel like I ain't doin' enough

That's when I shape off
I give you this, give you that
What chu need love

You know I got it
Holla at me if you need love
In affection cause I'll be your protection

Kind of hard job but I'll do till perfection
And you can tell that I ain't tryin' to let you go
I get with you when I can

So thats how I let you know
And you be trippin' cause sometimes I gotta go
But chu the first one

I hollared to right after my show
Hey now I was trippin' in a sense
I was tense but my body's lose around you

But I'ma do without you
I gotta get it together, say whateva
Since I met you my life seems so better

[Chorus x2]

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