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BOW WOW lyrics : "Dope (Freestyle)"

Still lebron in this rap %#@!
She suck me up for so long I rubbed her for chop sticks
Still stunting on weak ^!$$%s like so what

Touch down in new york, I'm $#[email protected] with slow bust
Find me down the westside in that s5
$#[email protected] with bad (*##$es, from queens to best dive

Neck piece still on freeze mode
Been hot since seha genesis, dookie ropes and cangos
I still act a fool with the cash, put the (*##$ on blast

Has the backs and know she let me smash
And I ain't have to give her a penny
Gave her some remi, next thing you know

I'm getting head in my bentley
Bt chess got me livin right
I'm bout to cop a new crib and a 9 figure digit price

Man the boy dangerous like too much codeine
I get on tracks, I spaz, no, I od

Them ^!$$%s don't know me
I keep extra ^!$$%s for safety
That's for them $#[email protected] boys out there tryina play me

These jays ain't out yet, you can't find em
I down like mobsters, 4 cheese pastas
And I don't like these boys out here

Them rock type pants that look weird, I dye my hair
I'm a mother$#[email protected] ^!$$% from the ohio
^!$$%s calm broke out here like t o

About money straight like start yeah
Saying I'm broke is like tryina say dogs don't bark
That I ain't happenin, no time soon

Pull up in that 911 crush they move, cause I'm that dude
Ask your (*##$, while she was sex to you
She was sucking my dick

Yeah, she multitalented, smokin that cali %#@!
I smoke one down and then I roll me another spliff.

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Thanks to alexandrap