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BOW WOW and OMARION : Another Girl lyrics

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BOW WOW and OMARION lyrics : "Another Girl"

[Intro: Bow Wow]
I usually don't do this well not all the time but 4 U
Prince of the O-Town she know it's finna go down

Prince of the O-Town you know it's finna go down


Shes said that she didn't want to be just another girl
I don't want to go but shes leading me baby I ain't feeling just another girl your the only girl

[Bow Wow:]
U know my swag soon as I walk in (fresh)
U saw one flash I was so sparklin (click)

When I walk past here they go talkin (Haha)
They want me I do not want them (NOPE!)
Ma I seen U since you stepped in (damn)

Such a princess need to be with a princeton (me)
I'm so turned on by your body demension
Help me out O maybe you can convince her

You got your mind set

Girl you the finest
It's perfect timin
I just want to grind and...


[Bow Wow:]
I spent all night baby tryna inpress ya
What I got to do to let you know that you special

I don't want to make it seem it's just sexual
But I really really want to undress you
Don't you worry about what the rest do

Yup a couple try to pull me to the restroom
So hurry hurry hurry come to the rescue
Cause your the only one I want to be next to

I had her mind set

Since our eyes met
Girl you so fine yes
Want to get inside ya


(So come on girl!)

[Bow Wow:]
You should be in my drop
In fact you should be on top

If you don't I'll...

[Bow Wow:]
And if ya don't I'll be so lonley girl look

I probably leave the club alone but I want to take you home
Ain't no other girls in here I say...




So come on girl
If you don't I'll... be lonely (said I'll be lonely)
Oh I... need someone to hold (can I hold you?)



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