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Bouncing Souls lyrics : "Late Bloomer"

I saw you walking past me just the other day, another heartbeat with thoughts of
yesterday You looked the same, years are only time, I still wonder why our
hearts could never rhyme. You stood beside me, you didn't recognize me. funny

how things never change. And when you walked on by a memory surprised me,
smoking cigarettes, your girlfriends by the pool. Your smell I could not forget,
that's as close as i could get you were so $#[email protected] cool. I'm no good, you're no

better, wouldn't we be perfect together? All I wanted was a piece of your heart,
you left me torn apart. $#[email protected] the rest before me and their crimes, for your love
I'll serve their time I'm no good, you're no better wouldn't we be perfect


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa