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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Trap Or Die Freestyle lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Trap Or Die Freestyle"

Slim Thug:Mo money mo problems. I'm back in court, baby mama tryna stick me wit that child support(X3).White folks tryna hang a ^!$$%, (*##$ make me sick.That wat I get 4 thinkin wit my dick. Man, these hoes are sick, ^!$$%s are snakes. They plottin on my pocket like I'm they big break. I'll be a damn fool 2 think %#@! all good, they lookin at a ^!$$% look they take it out the hood. Big Boss of da south, ^!$$% jakcin my slang. I got a deal now these ^!$$%s at actin da same. The album ain't even drop, still consider a rookie. And ^!$$%s out here already catchin that #[email protected] Cause I'm makin wat that make in a hour. That's why I got a club takin campayne showers. Switch cars every season, 1oo thousand or beeter. I got addicted 2 da smell of new leather.(repeat 2 the begining)

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