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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Straight Outta Texas lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Straight Outta Texas"

[Hook: x2]
Showing trunk glowing, while I flip through the hood
Big diamonds shining blinding, while I'm gripping my wood

Showing trunk glowing, while I flip through the hood
Straight up-straight up out of Texas, straight up-straight up out of Texas

I pull up looking good, hand on that wood sturning
I got that purple po'd, and I got that good burning

I think and then I pull, yeah ^!$$% that's how you learning
I got them Tyra banks, yeah ^!$$% I am earning
My money long, I'm talking football fields

^!$$% that's big bread, like I got a football deal
Or contract, whatever y'all call it
Let me insinuate, that ^!$$% Kyle balling

Yeah that's why Kyle crawling, off in that big body
I got that top falling, 4's stick out it
You get a penny for your thoughts, Killa get stacks

I eat till I'm obese, so I sit fat ^!$$%

[Hook x2]

What's the deal mother$#&@ers, hell yeah (*##$ I'm back

Tipping down the boulevard, in a Fleetwood Lac
Got the fifth falling trunk popping, acting bad on the cops
Candy blue paint, hoes bopping in the parking lot

Sitting sideways, purple stuff got me leaning
All these diamonds on my neck, hell yeah my %#@! gleaming
I'm a Boss Hogg Outlaw, I'm a Boy N' Blue

The Rap Hustler dick sucker, who the $#&@ are you
Making change doing my thang, hogging in that turning lane
Pimping hoes tipping 4's, pulling up on them swangs

Ain't no simping in my pimping, ain't no whack off in my mack
Make these hoes break theyself, when I pull up in the Lac

[Hook x2]


We rolling 84's, homie
When you see me poking out, I'm repping for the whole block
Behind tint sipping purple drank, smoke inside with G's

Got the rolls still strapped up, big chrome desert eag'
Wood grain gripping, H-Town representing
Them boys looking mad, hate to see a Hogg winning

In a blue line, Northside coming down
Out the roof throwing gang signs, (*##$ I'ma shine
Banging Big H.A.W.K., a real ^!$$% real talk

God gotta have a plan, but that's real big loss
We gon hold it down though, represent your name
Bang Screw good bang, stay loyal to the game

[Hook x4]

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