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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Stay Fly Flow lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Stay Fly Flow"

G'eah what's up with it, Boss Hogg Outlawz
It's your boy, Slim Thugger

And this, the mother$#&@ing Outlaw season
Boyz N Blue, y'all sit back fire up some
Good mother$#&@ing dro, to ride to that G %#@! huh

PJ mayn, gotta wreck this track

Kappa coming up, gotta wet this Lac
Fiends want work, gotta sell this crack
(*##$ better bring me, no less than a stack

Sipping on yack, while I puff on dro
Sitting on my side, is a thick fine hoe
Bout to jump fly, slide up in the Mo'

Let this hoe know, she better get my do'
Moving these bricks, state to state
Black stamped, Peruvian weight

I'm a hustler, and you's a fake
$#&@ the FED's, I'm moving weight
Haters hate, cause I'm on top

Mad at me, cause I don't stop
Stacking knots, and snatching bops
So I ride around, with that plastic glock

^!$$%z look strange, when I come around
Cause I represent, the Northside of town
Moving ki's, and moving pounds

Making these (*##$ ^!$$%z, lay it down
Boss Hogg Outlawz, that's my set
Blue and white diamonds, up on my neck

^!$$%z gon hate, but I demand respect
$#&@ with P, and your $$# getting wet
From 5th Ward, to Acres Home

Got some killers, that'll blow your dome
From Greens Road, to Homestead
Got some killers, that'll bust your head

All my real ^!$$%z, get your do'
When a (*##$ jump fly, ^!$$% hit the hoe
Got a lil' money, then get some mo'

Listen to the way, I spit the flow

[Sir Daily:]

Like Thug and Three 6, I gotta stay fly
Puff on a lot, so you know I stay high
Butter buck seats, in my ride when I ride

Waves in my head, like I just caught a tide
First class seats, everytime when I fly
VVS diamonds, in my chain hanging down

Hoe cake ^!$$%z, can't claim my town
And if they got plex, I'm bring my pound
Release my rounds, then I'ma burn off

Whipping up work, can't burn my soft
And if you got work, don't turn down South
Trying to make a sale, then you getting broke off

Cause ^!$$%z got masks, and K's and glocks
And hit your stash, for yay and stocks
So watch what you say, and play about

Real down here, Sir Daily I'm out


Killa ^!$$%, and I'm chilling at the top mayn
Got work, if you ^!$$%z trying to cop caine
Nice shot, when a ^!$$% pull a glock aim

Riding down, 45 in a drop thang
22 inch shoes, and my coupe gray
Cause I gotta stay fly, like Juice J

Balling like MJ, I'm a deuce trey
Get out of line, AK'll spray your toupe
$#&@ with Killa Kyleon, and you'll get killed

Top looking like bananas, get your %#@! peeled
I don't know what you heard, but this %#@! real
I'll lay a ^!$$% down, like a fifth wheel

Yellow stones on my wrist, keep my %#@! chill
Freeze time, make a ^!$$% %#@! sit still
Cold with the flow bro, and my %#@! ill

You ain't know, I'm running H-Town this year

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