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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Represent Gangsta lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Represent Gangsta"

Yeah, ladies and gentlemen
You now tuned in to the, Boyz-N-Blue

Slim Thug the Boss, Kyleon
Sir Daily, C. Ward, we are the Boss Hogg Outlawz

Put your hood up, like your car broke
Get crunk, get your lungs filled with cigar smoke

Get drunk fall over, act a jackass
DJ cut that %#@! up, until you crack glass
Get the picture mayn, take a couple shots

Hit the bar buy it out, take a couple shots
Chunk a pole hit the flo', take a couple bops
Make her shake it up, move it round make it drop

We them Boss Hoggs, we them Outlawz
Every city every club mayn, we outlaws
Catch us in the valet, in a drop dog

Badges on our chest, looking like the cops dog
Them Boyz-N-Blue, got it locked mayn
Taking over cities, taking over blocks mayn

Selling rap records, not selling rocks mayn
Boss Hogg Outlawz, it don't stop mayn

[Hook x4]
Get your hands up, put your hood up
Throw your sets up, chunk your side up gangstas

[Slim Thug]
Get your hands up, everybody stand up

It's going down tonight, put them other plans up
Where my Boss Hoggs, where my outlaws
Where my ballers that be balling, let me see you ball

Where them chicks, that be breaking tricks for they cash
Where them hoes, that be getting do' for they $$#
Where my ^!$$%z not believing, in saving dust

That never save a [email protected]#%, or really gave a $#&@
^!$$% pop a bottle, ^!$$% pull a model
Go on grab a fine dime, and mash on your throttle

Where my smokers at, get your smoke on
$#&@ a sweet blaze a zone, get your choke on
$#&@ your teeth up, hold your piece up

Get your grind on, tell you $#&@ your priest up
Boss Hogg the bar, Boss Hogg a star
Boss Hogg got the club, and Boss Hogg your car

[Hook x4]

[Sir Daily]
Now let me see your neighborhood, if you know the flavor good
Know the paper good, and you wish a hater would

Talk down up on that, with chalk lines and chrome gats
You using young we grown cats, tote 2's at home then your bones crack
Sir Daily rep the set, a Boss Hogg the best of Tex

We number one the rest is next, stop the chatter rest the plex
All my ^!$$%z in the club that get hype, and like to ball
Show your ice let it hit the light, then hit the lot cause we fins to crawl

24's like T.I., plenty hoes cause I'm a P-I
M-P it's simply up in me, so don't ask why
I do the thangs that I do, Blue Boyz the name and that's my crew

Receiving brain from you main dame, and those blue cars outside dude
From Hollywood to Holly-hood, I'm trying to see where the gangstas at
Flipping raps not flipping crack, I'm trying to see where that paper at

East to West North South, any hood it's all good black
The mad bucks put your hands up, and let Daily see where your hood at

[Hook x4]

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