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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Recognize A Playa lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Recognize A Playa"

(feat. Chris Ward)

[Slim Thug:]

Say (*##$ I know you see us. All these mutha$#&@in diamonds. All this candy around you. You can't help but see us.

[Chorus: x2]

I'm pullin out clean you already know
I'm leanin off the drink and I'm smellin like the dro
Stacks in my pocket and my shine don't glow

Better recognize a playa when he step through the door

[Chris Ward:]

Open your eyes and recognize a playa when you see one
Instead of always hatin on one try to be one
Coogi clothes J's on my toes

Fruit loop necklace wit iced out rows
My wrist on froze everybody knows when I step through the doors hand cuff your hoes
I'm so fresh you can smell me through a stuffy nose

They call me Chris Wiz-ard thats jus how it goes

[PJ Tha Rap Hustla:]

What step on the scene you know I'm lookin tight
Sippin drank so you know I gotta purple sprite
Pocket full of cash neck full of ice

I'm in my zone so I'm tryna find somethin nice
Badge on my neck I'm talkin big rocks
V12 valet in the parkin lot

Get my shine on thats what playas do
PJ Tha Rap Hustla he done came through

[Chorus X2]

[Sir Daily:]

I'm pullin out clean heavy bezzled team
Cleanest tag on my jeans and a pocket full of green
We the dream team for this faithly tex

Leavin stains on the vard when we breakin the sets
You already know when we crawl down slow
Wrist lit up and a big chain on my throat

Candy paint coat got my frame drippin
And I'm gone move wit facts
Lookin like I'm chain shifting

[Slim Thug:]
I'm slidin on the glass

Got butter on my $$#
Jus got my license back still tryna do the dash
Everything paid cash no notes no leases

You broke $$# ^!$$%s payin notes on pieces
Fours spoke folks creepin on the block near you
Watchin boppers joc lookin in my rearview

20/20 vision see haters in clear view
Thats why I'm chunkin deuces I ain't goin near you

[Chorus X2]

[Chris Ward:]

I'm back again like you owe me some cash flow
Most wanted wit most fid like Fidel Castro
My pockets overweight so they call me Fatso

Others call me bright light cuz the way that my badge glow

[PJ Tha Rap Hustla:]

Back door feelin fine blowin on some killa pine
Put them boys in they place when they see that blue line
On my game havin thangs hoggin in that turnin lane

Chicks hoppin in the ride hydro burnin man

[Sir Daily:]

You know it's me S-I-R-uh
Northside Houston, Texas boys on the bar-uh
I ain't even trippin I'm on that dro too

24's on my load comin candy blue

[Slim Thug:]

You know the boss talk G-%#@! daily
Want somethin free no $#&@ you pay me
Pockets so fat you ^!$$%s can't outweigh me
Yall small Slim ballin like Baby

[Chorus X2]

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