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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ : Rainin lyrics

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BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ lyrics : "Rainin"

[Hook x4]
Raining-raining, raining-raining
Raining-raining, it's raining

[Sir Daily]
Now off top Daily life, get deeper than deep

On my toes at all time, cause thieves creep when you sleep
Man I'm hungry for this cash, so my mission's to eat
Me and my ^!$$%z got a dream, to get rich in these streets

Pimping hoes and getting do', is how it's suppose to be
Be rolling slow and blowing dro, with a heater close to me
But still focused G, cause life ain't no game

Showing love to them thugs, earning stripes in this game
Through the hype and the fame, cause life it won't change
Trying to shake these fake snakes, and break the cycle of pain

Man it's shife in this game, so trust no one
And if some drama come your way, then ^!$$% bust your gun
^!$$% bucks gon come, if you got your mind on it

Try to hustle everyday and get it, go and grind homie
Put it on the line homie, give it all you got
Cause when you dead or on lock, that's when that balling stops

[Hook x4]

[Slim Thug]
Born gutter, another raised by a single mother
Had to struggle, youngest of three sisters and three brothers

Three bedroom apartment, two rooms were split
One for the girls one for the boys, deal with it that's it
Had to babysit eachother, mama worked all day

While her kids stayed in drama, doing dirt all day
I saw the hurt in her eyes, picking me up from school
Had a smart mouth got kicked out, for doing the fool

Thinking I'm cool, till I saw that sad look on her face
Hoping her son don't end up dead, or catching a case
Just make one mistake, and get sent upstate

Get one visit a month, behind glass and the gate
Uh-uh she wanted her baby boy, to live his dreams
Uh-huh, she wanted her baby boy to have the finer things

I guess that's why, I'm blessed fella
Sometimes it rain harder, hope you got yourself an umbrella

[Hook x4]


Mama was mama but, mama was daddy too
Cause mama had the knowledge, to do things a daddy do
I woman can't raise a man, it takes a man to raise a man

Can't say that, cause she laid down and she made a man
Taught me everything I knew, mama was major man
I'm 24 years old, look how mama made a man

She put food on the table, use to break her neck
Wake up at 4:30 in the morning, just to make a check
I use to drive her car, while she rode the bus to work

She wasn't tripping, as long as she got us to work
Mama's like a life mechanic, she got stuff to work
Got mad at her son, when she heard that I touched the work

And mama made sure, I never saw a sad day
She gave me all I need, I never saw a bad day
The man of my house, she did things my dad's way

That's why I had to congratulate her, on my dad's day

[Hook x6]

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